PPNEA work towards bringing harmony between nature and human society in Albania.

Protection and Preservation of Natural Environment in Albania (PPNEA) is a non-governmental environmental organization that operates nationwide in Albania. PPNEA is known to be the first environmental organization in Albania, as it was officially established on 5 June 1991, with a special decree of the Albanian Academy of Sciences at the time. It emerged in a period of turmoil and socio-economic change in the country and the wider region - a time where environmental issues were looked down upon and given marginal priority in governing and policy issues.

Following its creation, PPNEA established as a highly active organization, participating in and organizing many environmental awareness campaigns in Albania as well as undertaking a vast array of different projects with focus on various environmental issues. Two decades after its creation the organization carries with it a vast experience in nature and biodiversity conservation issues, in environmental education, in promotion of a more sustainable livelihood and most recently has engaged in interdisciplinary projects regarding natural resources management.  

In the first decade since its creation PPNEA had a particular active role in the public space by means of environmental radio shows, documentaries and road show events. Also, numerous raising awareness activities were organized throughout the country. The organization has brought together national and regional organizations in different occasions by organizing seminars, trainings, workshops and conferences led the way for many years in strengthening the role of civil society and creating a network in order for the latter to be more able to advocate for the environmental problems the country faced. PPNEA is an active member of several environmental coalitions of core environmental organizations in Albania, continuing thus its vigilant and monitoring efforts regarding environment.

In the second phase, the organization has developed a high research and environmental policy advocating profile. Hence, it influenced public attitudes and the process of political decision making for environmental protection and sustainable development. This has been culmated by the creation of two important National Parks in Albania, Prespa Park in 2000 and Shebenik – Jabllanica NP in 2008. Here is important to emphasize a recent achievement, after a long process of environmental evaluation, mapping and consultations PPNEA contributed to the proclamation of Korab-Koritnik as a Nature Park on December 2011.

In terms of wildlife conservation PPNEA has been involved since 2006 and on, in a large scale initiative for the conservation of the critically endangered Balkan lynx. The Balkan Lynx Recovery Programme is implemented in two phase’s altogether, with the first phase being completed within the period 2006-2009, and the second phase being completed within the 2010-2012. The innovative work and methodology of the programme have become a reference point for wildlife monitoring, protected area management and conservation in Albania and the larger region.

Scope of work
The long-lasting experience in the field of environment monitoring and protection enables PPNEA to offer a broad set of enivironmental protection services. PPNEA undertakes environmental risk assessment and management including basic investigation to identify environmental problems, cause relationships, elaborating solutions for monitoring and improvement of the environment and implementation services required in projects of different sectors like forestry, landscape, wildlife, rural development, etc.

Our work also covers institutional building and human resources development as important components of local environmental management. PPNEA aims to achieve sustainable environmental development through empowering local community social development that assures minimization of human-nature conflicts and integrated environmental improvement. Within PPNEA is harmonized strong scientific expertise, professional knowledge in both environment and social aspects which enables the organization to provide high quality environmental preservation and protection actions.

PPNEA work is mostly related within the Albanian territory, but it is expanding also to neighboring sub-Balkan region due to long lasting trans-boundary collaboration with main organizations in Greece, Macedonia, Kosovo and Montenegro.

Whom we work with
PPNEA works with volunteers, partner environmental organizations and supporters to achieve its mission and to help them achieve theirs, by providing support for their work, or by being supported in turn. A selected list of partner organizations can be found here.

In 20 years of activity, PPNEA has developed and implemented a great number of projects in collaboration with international partners, community based organizations and local communities, with the common aim of finding environmentally sustainable solutions to protect nature. A selected list of implemented projects can be found here.

Our people (staff, experts, volunteers and members) come from all over Albania, with a broad diversity of educational and professional backgrounds all bound by a shared passion for nature protection and a drive to have significant impact in preserving what was inherited by our forefathers. Contact directly our key staff here.


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