"Dita e Pelikanit Kaçurrel” 
Shoqata për Ruajtjen dhe Mbrojtjen e Mjedisit Natyror në Shqipëri (PPNEA) në kuadër të implementimit të programit të Noe Conservation "Menaxhimi i Ligatinave dhe Mbrojtja e Pelikanit Kaçurrel në Pellgun e Mesdheut" feston bashkë me aktorë të tjerë në bashkëpunim të ngushtë dhe me autoritetet e Parkut Kombëtar Divjakë-Karavasta Ditën e Pelikanit Kaçurrel dhe Panairi i Produkteve Lokale në orën 10:00, datë 20 Maj 2017 në Parkun Kombëtar Divjakë-Karavasta. 

"Dita e Pelikanit Kaçurrel" realizohet për herë të tretë dhe tashmë është kthyer në një traditë festive të përvitshme. ...


In the frame of the project "Nature Conservation and Sustainable Development at the Green belt Albania” is jointly implemented by Euronatur and PPNEA with the financial support by German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN). The main purpose of the project is to achieve a contribution to the protection of the biodiversity and the sustainable rural development in two protected areas along the Balkan Green Belt in Albania. In the frame of this project are produced two brochure for the core zone of Rrajca of the Shebenk-Jabllanicea National Park and ...


The development of ecotourism it is a good opportunity for the Shebenik-Jabllanica National Park, because ecotourism is the model of a sustainable development of tourism, what this park and our country needs. Recently PPNEA and Euronatur supported the training on 12 local guide, implemented by Agri-En and Association of Women Librazhd, helped by RAPA Elbasan. The training was mixed with theoretic and practical lessons, information for biodiversity importance, Shebenik-Jabllanica National Park values and the ecotourism development.    

PNEA’s education expert Klaudja Koci is participating in the Spring Alive international meeting in Bratislava, Slovakia organized by OTOP Poland and with the support of Erasmus + funding. The education officers have collected prior to this meeting information from teachers of kindergarten and primary school about the bird species which they include in their lesson plans what they do not use.

As a result, a work package with information on some bird species and creative materials and games to include in their lesson plans.

PPNEA's education expert presented a successful case of ...


The pupils of "Bardhaj” primary school, Rrajce this year and so on will enjoy a warm winter for this year and many years to come and will use less wood for heating. This is due to the installation of a central heating system that will distribute the heat to the whole school and reduce for 45% tinber consumption for heating. The central heating system was made possible by PPNEA and financially supported by EuroNatur while the Albnatyra together with RAPA Elbasan were responsible for its implementation.

This equipment is also helpful ...


In the frame of the project Spring Alive it was prepared a survey for the teachers of 55 countries where it is implemented this project. The questionnaire aim to establish to date experience of teachers and their needs with regard to environmental education and teaching materials.

Help us to create new materials for teachers by filling the questionnaire in order to assess the needs of teachers and kindergartens grade.

The questionnaire it takes only  5 minutes and to fill it please click HERE.

I was very happy because after completed the application for the tranboundary summer school ‘’Management of silvo-pastoral systems’’, I was one of the chosen students who fulfilled the all the requirements. I was excited because this was the right training for me, due to my studies and my future. This summer school was organized by SPP and gathered lecturers and students from the three sides of Prespa in Greek Prespa leke.

Before the summer school, PPNEA’s representative, Ms Koci explained all the necessary information related to the activity, such as preparatory ...


For the first time, PPNEA implemented the micro-projects component in Munella region, the main shelter where the Balkan lynx reproduced in Albania. The farmer Gjet Gjoni and his project "Development of bee keeping in Mirdita region” was one of the micro-grand’s winners. Through this micro-project , Gjeta increased the number of bees with 15 new colony. Moreover, he donated 3 bee hives to three other families in the area. PPNEA will always support the local people whose will contribute in sustainable use of natural resources in Munella region.

Local people from Prespa experienced a weekend different from usual, being part of the activities organized by PPNEA and PrespaNet - a network of three environmental organizations for the protection of Prespa, in the framework of the Green Belt Day.

On 22 September, PPNEA’s team gave a presentation to school children Liqenas, to inform them about the Green Belt Initiative and the pearls along it, and Prespa region being one of those.

They continued the next day to put together wooden materials in the form of a nest box and decorated them ...


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