PPNEA organized on 23rd of January 2016 in Librazhd city, the second workshop on "Natura2000 and biodiversity conservation”, as an activity in the framework of Balkan Lynx Recovery Program III. 

The 2nd workshop on Natura2000 had three main objectives:
 a) To increase awareness of the new technologies available and the possibilities for increasing the effectiveness of monitoring and Natura2000 site management (Important in case of Albania with current situation of limited capacities).
 b) To showcase best practice examples of species and habitat monitoring.
 c) To provide recommendations for the integration of monitoring and management.


The Association for Protection and Preservation of Natural Environment in Albania (PPNEA) and Albanian Society for Protection of Birds and Mammals (ASPBM) raise the issue for the continuous and escalating violations of the hunting moratorium which has become evident during the last months. The field monitoring groups/teams of these organizations and their network members in different regions of the country have inspected and proved an intensification of the illegal hunting cases, especially during the period November 2015-January 2016.

The two year hunting ban in Albania entered into force in March 2014 ...


The education and awareness campaign in Shebenik-Jablanica National Park consists in organizing two trainings in the pilot schools in Rrajce and Dorez, about the topic of Biodiversity of the NP. According to the peer learning methodology, we aim to train 15 students from each of the two above mentioned schools and then the trained students will go to other schools in the region and teach their peers about the biodiversity values that possess their National Park. This project is supported by IUCN and Cooperazione Italiana and is implemented by PPNEA, ...


In the frame of "Balkan Lynx Recovery Proramme”, PPNEA organized the third workshop with Balkan lynx monitoring network in Albania. The workshop was organized on the 22 December 2015 in the city of Puka, due to the last incidents happened in Munella, as the massive logging and the kill of a lynx cub. The main aim of this meeting was to increase the cooperation and the further enlargement of the Balkan lynx monitoring network to protect the Munella Mt., the main shelter of this critically endangered species in Albania. In ...


Last week in the Munella Mountain (Puka region), in the only area where lynx survive in Albania, a dead lynx cub was found to have been killed and reported to PPNEA. The perpetrator is young local shepherd, who killed the lynx with stones without having knowledge on what animal it is, very near the village where he is living.
This kill is incredibly sad news, knowing that the total estimated population of lynx in Munella is between 4-6 adult individuals.
The Balkan lynx is a flagship species for the conservation of the ...


Two workshops on sustainable development and nature conservation were held in Rrajca and Valbone in the framework of the project "Nature Conservation and Sustainable Development at the Green Belt Albania”.

Two workshops have been organized in Rrajca and Valbona, respectively on 27 and 30 of November 2015, in the frame of"Nature Conservation and Sustainable Development at the Green Belt Albania” project, financed by German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation and jointly implemented by Euronature Germany and PPNEA. Besides to the identification of the main threats and conservation objectives for the Rrajca ...


Our attempts to emphasize the importance of the Balkan Lynx and to save this species are now in a right way this due to the positive news because IUCN Red List of Threatened Species classified as Critically Endangered species. The Balkan Lynx is a subspecies of the Eurasian lynx and it is considered as Critically Endangered. It occurs in the southwest Balkan Mountains in the border areas between Macedonia and Albania.
To prevent the extinction of the Balkan Lynx, PPNEA in collaboration with the MES (Macedonian ecological society) also with ...


Balkan Lynx Ambassadors of the ‘’Migjeni’’ Primary school together with PPNEA Balkan Lynx team visited the two first schools in Puka region, on 3rd November 2015. The Ambassadors went to ‘’Pjeter Arbnori’’ primary school in Fushe-Arrez and ‘’Shtjefen Gjecovi’’ primary school in Kryezi. 
The activities took part in the school environment and had a good participation from pupils of different grades, who were invited to share their knowledge on Balkan lynx with their peers from ‘’Migjeni’’ school. Information sharing through the voices of our Balkan Lynx Ambassadors using educational materials developed ...


The 3rd transboundary newsletter from PrespaNet is now ready and started to distribute in Prespa region. On 10- 11 October 2015, the PrespaNet officers met in Albanian Prespa and visited the villages on Lesser and Macro Prespa to hand out the new issue of the transboundary newsletter. 
The main theme for this 3rd issue is the life activities of local people from the three sides of the lake, during summer time. For this reason, PrespaNet officers have interviewed two individuals from each side of Prespa and presented their profile and the ...


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