Jun 4
PrespaNet Annual Meeting 2015
On 7-8 May 2015, PrespaNet member organizations met together in Mariovo, of Macedonia for their 3rd Annual meeting. 

The network of three environmental NGOs, (SPP, MES and PPNEA) reviewed the last year’s activities and actions and discussed about its progress. From last year and up to now, PrespaNet recognizes some good achievements, such as:
A  Draft document for a Transboundary Strategy Framework for Prespa lakes 
The  Strategic Platform Meeting in February 2015, in Greece with network members and the participation of Frankfurt Zoological Society, Euronatur, Kora, Plantlife and Save Foundation. 
Hired dedicated staff for PPNEA and MES who work together with SPP to share information from three sides of the basin and implement Transboundary small scale activities. Etc. 

As part of this last one, PrespaNet is developing and distributing a Transboundary Newsletter in all three languages in the basin and in English language. The TB Newsletter is distributed quarterly to local population of Prespa and each time is referring to a specific thematic- the last one was related to Water and Wetlands. 

Environmental Education activities started implementing in Albania and Macedonia to join the work that SPP is doing for many years now in Prespa. Klaudja Koçi- Albanian PrespaNet officer who is based in Prespa and is working from there since January 2015, organized some activities with the schools in Gorice e Vogel for different international celebration days. She is hoping to organize ‘’Spring Alive’’ birdlife project with school children in Prespa to join her colleagues from Macedonia and Greece, who already started organizing it. 

Moreover, PrespaNet was presented as an initiative in several workshops and important meetings and was promoted through other web and social media. PrespaNet officers started working on information sharing and developing good relationships with different stakeholders around the basin and beyond it. 
During the Annual Meeting, the network members decided to continue the work with Environmental Education activities and have other joint activities organized Transboundary for Winter birds counts, Pelican’s monitoring and large carnivore monitoring, stakeholders meeting and possible promotion events for PrespaNet. 

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