Jun 9
World Biodiversity Day and Balkan Lynx
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This year's Biodiversity Day (22 May) came with a great educational activity for Balkan lynx! The lynx team at Protection and Preservation of Natural Environment in Albania organized an excursion in Munella Mountain, the main shelter of Balkan lynx in Albania with the newly formed group of Lynx Ambassadors from Rreshen high school in Mirdita, teachers and local collaborators.
Walking in nature, acquaintance with natural values of Munella Mountain and role-play on lynx biology, ecology and its protection were special moments and emotions. Thanks to the Balkan lynx ambassadors and our collaborators for their positive energy which are constant motivators for us to work hard and together for nature and Balkan lynx protection.

In continuation of educational and awareness activities of Balkan Lynx Recovery Programme, PPNEA has started the "Peer to peer education" training programme. Participants of this training are 12 high school students of Rrëshen city, all motivated teenagers for nature protection. The aim of this programme is education on the importance of Balkan lynx protection. These 'lynx ambassadors' will then spread the voice through schools and families of Puka-Mirdita region.

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