Oct 19
The 3rd transboundary newsletter from PrespaNet is ready for distribution.
The 3rd transboundary newsletter from PrespaNet is now ready and started to distribute in Prespa region. On 10- 11 October 2015, the PrespaNet officers met in Albanian Prespa and visited the villages on Lesser and Macro Prespa to hand out the new issue of the transboundary newsletter. 
The main theme for this 3rd issue is the life activities of local people from the three sides of the lake, during summer time. For this reason, PrespaNet officers have interviewed two individuals from each side of Prespa and presented their profile and the everyday activities they do in Prespa. Among the interviews, you will read about a fisherwoman from Kallamas, a village in Albanian Prespa, who takes the boat and goes in the middle of the lake in rainy days and storms for fishing. Also, a beekeeper from Lesser Prespa tells about the success he has achieved until now. 
The transboundary newsletter aims at bringing information to local people from the three sides of lake Prespa. It is a way of connecting people who share the same ecosystem but the interaction process is no other than for economical purposes, such as migration during certain times of the year. 

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