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Two days of training for education and awareness campaign in Shebenik-Jablanica NP
The education and awareness campaign in Shebenik-Jablanica National Park consists in organizing two trainings in the pilot schools in Rrajce and Dorez, about the topic of Biodiversity of the NP. According to the peer learning methodology, we aim to train 15 students from each of the two above mentioned schools and then the trained students will go to other schools in the region and teach their peers about the biodiversity values that possess their National Park. This project is supported by IUCN and Cooperazione Italiana and is implemented by PPNEA, the local NGO Agri-En and the Administration of the NP Shebenik-Jablanica.

On Monday 14 December and Tuesday 15 December 2015 took place the two day training with the students group from the High School of Rrajca. An introduction to the project and its activities was presented by Klaudja Koçi and Mirjan Topi from PPNEA and Fatmir Brazhda from the National Park. The first presentation was delivered by Fatmir who presented to the students information regarding the definition of the National Park and specific information for Shebenik-Jabllanica NP, such as the size, the zoning and activities which are allowed to take place or not in the zones other than the strict one. Interesting for them was to get to know the Park’s logo and its meaning. He discussed also about the water resources in the National Park, with special emphasis to the dam constructions within the National Park.

The following presentation was delivered by Bajram Kullolli, specialist from RAPA. His presentation aimed at presenting the management side of the National Park with a special focus on the Ranger’s profile and his responsibilities. Other than that, very important information was given to the students about the behavior and respecting the rules of the National Park. The concept of nature education was also introduced to the students together with some activities which are typical to do in the Park, such as reading the map, hiking trails, one day excursions etc.

The second day of the training started with some outdoor trust building exercises directed from Klaudja Koçi. Two main presentations were scheduled for the 2nd day of the training- the Flora of the NP and wildlife or large carnivores present in Shebenik-Jablanica NP.
The local partner Ngo Agrie-En and its representative Ornela Poçi delivered a presentation regarding the main forest types and the plant species of the NP. Shebenik-Jablanica NP it has a large variety of plants including some rare species such as Cistus albanicus and Lilium albanicum. It was very interesting to hear from the students all the local names which are used for different plants.

The last session of the training was the presentation delivered by Klaudja Koçi from PPNEA about the wildlife and large carnivores which are present in the National Park. Students learnt that 11 different wild species are proved to be present in the Shebenik-Jabllanica NP, among them the critically endangered species of Balkan Lynx, a subspecies of Euroasian lynx. The students learnt about Lynx characteristics, habitat and prey, and human impact. The information was given in a very practical way and supported with pictures, roll ups with information on lynx and relaxing outdoor trust-building games, in order to create some group spirit within the future Shebenik-Jablanica NP Ambassadors.

We were very excited to see that many of the students are very attached to animals and are willing to look after their role and protect the species by sharing the information that was provided to them in this training session. Leaflets with information about different animals which were produced from PPNEA were distributed to the students-information about the brown bear, Balkan lynx, bats species and others.

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