Apr 8
Presenting the initiative and discussing the zoning of Munella Mountain as a protected area
PPNEA in the frame of the Balkan Lynx Recovery Programe 3rd phase is carrying out a research study on assessing the biodiversity values of Munella Mountain area, located in Puke-Mirdite region. Munella Mountain area is a very well known for being an important habitat for the survival of a critically endangered species, Balkan Lynx, and is the only habitat in Albania where Balkan lynx are known to occur in the form of a sub-population (5-6 individuals).

Currently, a group of experts is working on assessing the biodiversity values of Munella Mountain area. To continue with a proposal for its inclusion in the strategic plan of the Ministry of Environment of Albania for its proclamation as a protected area. Based on the available facts and arguments we are working to delineate this area in question. As a result, a broad consultation process is ongoing with all stakeholders such as Ministry of Environment, National Agency of Protected Area, Regional Administration of Protected Areas, respective municipality, administrative units and local community to present the project initiative and to discus on the zoning of the area.
In the frame of this initiative three meeting have been organized with representatives of the Regional Agencies of the Protected Areas Lezhe, Shkoder and Kukes, as responsible institution for the administration of protected areas. It was presented the undertaken initiative and it was discussed about the delineation of the area in question. 

The meetings resulted to be very successful and valuable suggestion, comments, and arguments have been obtained, that will directly help for designing the area in question and a positive support it was given to the initiative for continuing the work towards proclamation of Munella Mountain as a protected area. Moreover, it must be empathized the tendency and positivity that all participants during the events showed for changing and improving the situation in the Munella Mountain and ready to give their contribution on this aspect.

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