Apr 18
The second phase of the programe for the protection and preservation of natural value of Shebenik-Jabllanica NP
The second phase of the programe started very successfully and we have visited four Primary schools within Shebenik-Jabllanica National Park. 

The outdoor education specialist from PPNEA, Klaudja Koçi facilitated the organization process of the education visits to the schools in the Shebenik region and assisted the working group in all the steps of the process, including the visits in the schools. 

On 12 April, the student group of the Ambassadors from ‘’Sali Halili’’ High school in Rrajca together with the PPNEA staff, the National Park  and Agri-En representatives visited the Primary school in Gizavesh village and the High school in Zgosht village. Both these two villages are located in the northwestern part of the Park, an area ‘on the other side’ of the Park for the student group from Rrajca. 

Ornela  Poçi, Agri-en expert started the activity by explaining the partners involved in this project, the purpose of the education and awareness campaign and the different activities that were organized until now. Mr Fatmir Brazhda from the National Park presented the information about the establishment of the National Park Shebenik-Jabllanica, its logo, the zoning and the different activities that are practiced or not allowed to do so, the behavior we should have when we are in the National Park and much more information which was found very interesting to the school children and to the teachers who also attended this information and educational event. 

After that, the student Ambassador group presented in groups and individually the drawings, essays and key messages that they had prepared to share with the receiving schools. They presented information related to the most representative plant species, birds and large carnivores which are living in the Shebenik-Jabllanica NP. The student’s presentation was received very well from their peers because of the powerful messages they had chosen to present to the others. 
Meanwhile on 14th April, the student group from ‘’Shefqet Dosku’’ High school in Dorez visited two schools in the southeastern part of the Shebenik-Jabllanicë NP. It was a perceived as a unique experience by them to see the very mountainous and isolated villages of Rracë Skënderbej and Rrajcë Bardhaj. They also presented to the younger children of the two Primary schools, the drawing they did, short essays, quotations. A presentation from RAPA was also included and the school children learnt very well the information about the National Park that they live in but that they do not know so well. 

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