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Nov 19
IUCN Red List of Threatened Species classified Lynx lynxbalcanicusas critically endangered species
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Our attempts to emphasize the importance of the Balkan Lynx and to save this species are now in a right way this due to the positive news because IUCN Red List of Threatened Species classified as Critically Endangered species. The Balkan Lynx is a subspecies of the Eurasian lynx and it is considered as Critically Endangered. It occurs in the southwest Balkan Mountains in the border areas between Macedonia and Albania.
To prevent the extinction of the Balkan Lynx, PPNEA in collaboration with the MES (Macedonian ecological society) also with the support of MAVA Foundation, are implementing since 2006 the "Balkan Lynx Recovery Programme”, which is probably the most important project that PPNEA has implemented in Albania. The aim of this program is to save the Critically Endangered Balkan lynx from extinction and to prepare the ground for a future recovery of this emblematic flagship species for nature conservation in the SW Balkans.

In addition, IUCN (International Union for Conservation of the Nature) Red List of Threatened Species it is a system that includes information on plants, fungi and animals that are facing global extinction. As we mention above, IUCN Red List classified the Balkan Lynx as Critically Endangered (CR)species with this purpose:

 "According to the IUCN Red List Criteria, the Balkan Lynx is classified as Critically Endangered CR under criterion D as the number of mature individuals is estimated to be less than 50. The total size of the population is estimated to be 27-52 independent (adult and subadult) lynx, corresponding to about 20–39 mature individuals. The range is divided into two nuclei, indicating population fragmentation.One of these nuclei is in Albania in and around the region of Munella Mountain, bordering Puke and Mirdita districts.

 Through the work of PPNEA a small surviving population of 4-6 individuals has been proven to exist here, which alongside the subpopulation of Mavrovo National Park in Macedonia are the only remaining nuclei of lynx in the south-west Balkans. During 1990-1995 as well as 1996-2001 Pan-European assessments based on experts from the regional countries indicated a decrease for both population size and distribution range. The latest assessments conducted by the Balkan Lynx Recovery Programme in Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro have revealed a stabilization in population size and area of occupancy since about 2008.”

 For us it is a great possibility that IUCN Red List of Threatened Species gave the (CR)Critically Endangered status to the Balkan Lynx because this will bring global awareness for the conservation of the populations.

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06.04.17 08:17
posted by: Mindi Greenberg

I am a Grade 5 teacher at Albania College Tirana and a group of 4 students in my class are doing in depth research on endangered animals in Albania. Would someone from PPNEA be available for interview either in person or via skype to help this group further their research? Please, let me know. Part of their research will include an ACTION component where they will increase awareness and may include fund raising. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Where is your agency located? Maybe they could visit on a field trip, if you are close by.

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