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PNEA’s education expert Klaudja Koci is participating in the Spring Alive international meeting in Bratislava, Slovakia organized by OTOP Poland and with the support of Erasmus + funding. The education officers have collected prior to this meeting information from teachers of kindergarten and primary school about the bird species which they include in their lesson plans what they do not use.

As a result, a work package with information on some bird species and creative materials and games to include in their lesson plans.

PPNEA's education expert presented a successful case of ...


Protection and Preservation of Natural Environment in Albania (PPNEA) participated in the technical forum the technical forum organized on 15 September 2015 had participants from environmental civil society organizations in Albania and took place in Kune-Vain protected area in Lezhe district. This is an activity under the project ‘’Journey to Paris- for the integration of climate change issues in the strategic documents and national policies’’, implemented by Institute for Nature Conservation in Albania (INCA) and funded by the Regional Environmental Center Albania (REC Albania). 
This is the second technical forum organized ...


From 17-23 May 2015 in Albania took place the "Environmental Film Festival 2015". For the first time during one week several cities of Albania ( Tirana, Shkodra, Përmeti, Puka, Elbasan, Korca and Vlora) hosted "EFFA 2015". The festival was organized by the Ministry of Environment in Albania with the support of the European Union Delegation in Albania with the support of embassies and NGO partners working in the environmental field.

In different cities has been displayed prestigious films from all around the world focused on the environment. The main purpose of ...


Association "JONA”, Sarandë being granted by PPNEA within the CEPF founded project "Land of Eagles and Castles”, is implementing a small grant aiming to inform and raise pride of local communities about the high natural values of the National Park Butrint. On the focus of this project are 10 schools of the area. Association "JONA” in close collaboration with the Directorate of Education, Sarandë, National Park Authorities and other stakeholders are implementing different environmental education activities, and on the new study year all pupils will find in the walls of ...


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