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The education and awareness campaign in Shebenik-Jablanica National Park consists in organizing two trainings in the pilot schools in Rrajce and Dorez, about the topic of Biodiversity of the NP. According to the peer learning methodology, we aim to train 15 students from each of the two above mentioned schools and then the trained students will go to other schools in the region and teach their peers about the biodiversity values that possess their National Park. This project is supported by IUCN and Cooperazione Italiana and is implemented by PPNEA, ...


PPNEA in framework of the project "Nature Conservation and Sustainable Development at the Green Belt Albania” on 3 October 2015, in Prrenjas city has developed the first workshop of "Threats and the Human Activities on Rrajca Beech Forest Conservation”. This project is supported by the Federal Agency for Nature conservation with funds of the German Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety”.
It was the first workshop of a series of four that will help to raise awareness, to identify the main threats and usage of these ...


"Egnantia” Association in the framework of the project "Ambassadors of Sustainable Development in Shebenik-Jabllanica National Park” granted by PPNEAs "Balkan Lynx Recovery Program”. These grants are given by PPNEA for promotion and capacity building to local NGOs from Shebenik-Jabllanica National Park. 

This activity aimed to explore special parts of Shebenik-Jabllanica National Park, which are allowed to be visited by foreigners. The journey started from Librazhd City, followed by the villages Togëz, Zgosht, Lunik, Llangë, Steblevë, Fushe-Studnë till the last destination Fushë-Letmi. 

In all these villages there are many picturesque attractions, such as ...


On 23 May 2015 is celebrated the Day of Shebenik Jabllanica National Park. This event was organized by Administration of Protected Areas in Librazhd with the support of Protection and Preservation of Natural Environment in Albania (PPNEA).

In this event participated the Minister of Finance, Mr. Shkelqim Cani, National Agency of Protected Areas Director, Mr. Zamir Dedej, Mayors of the Local Communities and representatives of local NGO-s and inhabitants of Stebleva. 

In honor of this day it was organized a fair with local products and with traditional dances were part the Children ...


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