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With the number of visitors increasing in the National Park of Butrinti, it has also started to operate for the second consecutive year, the "Traditional Flavor” Eco-business supported by PPNEA and BSPB within the CEPF founded project "Land of Eagles and Castles”. This Eco-business is run by the local NGO "AJMMI” in collaboration with the Authority of National Park Butrinti and the Albanian National Authority of Food, branch of Saranda.
This year, the number of local women involved and obtaining revenues from this business is raised to Twelve. The "Traditional ...


Protection and Preservation of Natural Environment in Albania (PPNEA), in collaboration with National Coast Agency and Commune Qendër – Vlorë, thanks to the financial support of the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF) have opened a new tourism office in the area of Protected Landscape "Vjosë-Nartë”. The office is opened from 1st of July 2015 and will operate along all the touristic season. The tourism office in Narta, currently represents the only office of this kind in the whole district of Vlora. This office, ...


The transnational "Peaks of the Balkans Trail” leads through one of the most remote and wild mountainous regions of the Western Balkans shared between Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro. A quote in the New York Times effectively explains this: "The Peaks of the Balkans Trail, literally links Muslim, Catholic, and Orthodox enclaves, as well as Slavs and numerous Albanian tribes in three adjoining national parks, each showcasing the border region’s inestimable beauty.”
To explore this thrilling corner of earth, Todd Walters Executive Director of the US based NGO International Peace Park ...


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