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I was very happy because after completed the application for the tranboundary summer school ‘’Management of silvo-pastoral systems’’, I was one of the chosen students who fulfilled the all the requirements. I was excited because this was the right training for me, due to my studies and my future. This summer school was organized by SPP and gathered lecturers and students from the three sides of Prespa in Greek Prespa leke.

Before the summer school, PPNEA’s representative, Ms Koci explained all the necessary information related to the activity, such as preparatory ...


The 3rd transboundary newsletter from PrespaNet is now ready and started to distribute in Prespa region. On 10- 11 October 2015, the PrespaNet officers met in Albanian Prespa and visited the villages on Lesser and Macro Prespa to hand out the new issue of the transboundary newsletter. 
The main theme for this 3rd issue is the life activities of local people from the three sides of the lake, during summer time. For this reason, PrespaNet officers have interviewed two individuals from each side of Prespa and presented their profile and the ...


The transnational "Peaks of the Balkans Trail” leads through one of the most remote and wild mountainous regions of the Western Balkans shared between Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro. A quote in the New York Times effectively explains this: "The Peaks of the Balkans Trail, literally links Muslim, Catholic, and Orthodox enclaves, as well as Slavs and numerous Albanian tribes in three adjoining national parks, each showcasing the border region’s inestimable beauty.”
To explore this thrilling corner of earth, Todd Walters Executive Director of the US based NGO International Peace Park ...


PPNEA representatives together with colleagues from BLRP  participated on 22 April in a wildlife regional workshop in Bulgaria entitled "EU Platform on Coexistence between People and Large Carnivores". The Platform’s first workshop was hosted by the International Council of Game and Wildlife Conservation (CIC) in conjunction with their General Assembly at the same venue in Pravets, Bulgaria. The workshop focused on the key topics of importance to the Platform with a regional focus on relevant issues in the Balkans and the Carpathians.
Around 120 stakeholders, including a large number of ...


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