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PPNEA organized the workshop of Eco-guide with the participant of guest house, hoteliers and restaurants together with local guide. This activity was organised in the frame of the programme "Wetland Management and Dalmatian Pelikan Conservation in the Mediterranean Basin", with the support of Noe Conservation and with a strong collaboration of Divjaka-Karavasta National Park Administration. In this activity were present the nature guide trainer and Albanian Trip.

PPNEA organized on 23rd of January 2016 in Librazhd city, the second workshop on "Natura2000 and biodiversity conservation”, as an activity in the framework of Balkan Lynx Recovery Program III. 

The 2nd workshop on Natura2000 had three main objectives:
 a) To increase awareness of the new technologies available and the possibilities for increasing the effectiveness of monitoring and Natura2000 site management (Important in case of Albania with current situation of limited capacities).
 b) To showcase best practice examples of species and habitat monitoring.
 c) To provide recommendations for the integration of monitoring and management.


In the frame of "Balkan Lynx Recovery Proramme”, PPNEA organized the third workshop with Balkan lynx monitoring network in Albania. The workshop was organized on the 22 December 2015 in the city of Puka, due to the last incidents happened in Munella, as the massive logging and the kill of a lynx cub. The main aim of this meeting was to increase the cooperation and the further enlargement of the Balkan lynx monitoring network to protect the Munella Mt., the main shelter of this critically endangered species in Albania. In ...


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