Press Conference: “Effective hunting control in Divjaka - Karavasta National Park”
25.03.15 10:00 10:00 - 11:00
deadline: 25.03.15 00:00
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Representative of PPNEA, Ministry of Environment, Representative of National and International Associations, Representative of Divjaka – Karavasta National Park, and bird expert will gather together holding a press conference to draw attention on hunting ban importance reflecting the results of the birds and hunting PPNEA monitoring in National Park Divjakë - Karavasta.


This activity will be developed in the frame of "Wetland Management and Dalmatian Pelican Conservation in Mediterranean Basin” a program implemented in Albania by PPNEA and internationally coordinated by NoéConservation. This program intends to support the management of three remarkable wetlands, all listed as Wetlands of International Importance by the Ramsar Convention: Kerkini Lake National Park in Greece, Shkodra Lake National Park in Montenegro and Divjake-Karavasta National Park in Albania.


Specifically, the situation in Divjakë – Karavasta National Park has changed. Despite some isolated cases, there is no hunting going on any more and this has positively affected the number of birds which this year is higher then last year. PPNEA monitoring in the frame of this program has collected encouraging data which will be shared with the broader public during the press conference.

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