The last voulture in Albania
The TV reportage "Shqipëria Tjetër” (Eng: "Other side of Albania”), broadcasted this Monday in the National TV "Top Channel” had in focus the state of vultures population in Albania, in the past being a family of four species whereas now: only one of the species is still nesting in Albania – the Egyptian vulture, and the three others are considered extinct. In the focus of this reportage are vultures, but in the background might be clearly seen the deteriorated state of natural environment in Albania, one of the most important assets where can be based the sustainable social and economic development of the country. Once upon a time, vultures were bringing the spring in Albania, whereas now the spring comes and goes without vultures, in the major part of the territory. All those which save still fresh memories of that time, have felt nostalgic when seeing this reportage, whereas the ...
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Public request to extend the hunting ban period
PPNEA believes that the implementation of the hunting ban is a necessary measure for the regeneration of wild fauna. A two year moratorium on hunting was approved by the government of Albania in January 2014. PPNEA in the frame of the "Wetland Management and Dalmatian pelican Conservation in the Mediterranean Basin" program has conducted a monitoring of the pelican colony and hunting ban implementation in Divjaka - Karavasta National Park. This monitoring revealed positive results for the Dalmatian pelican population and in general the total number of bird species has increased. However the hunting data shows that during January to March illegal  hunters have not disappeared form the area. These data have been shared with the broader public during the press conference organized by PPNEA on 25th of March. Based on the results a public request has been made to extend the hunting ban for at least one more year.
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Bird watching in Albania a new eco-touristic attraction
This year bird watching is getting promoted by PPNEA as a new touristic and sportive activity on which Albania offers excellent opportunities. The crew of the national TV "Top Channel” has followed our expert Mirjan Topi and Ardian Koci from Divjaka - Karavasta National Park, to give a glimpse of our wonderful avifauna. Continuing to promote such activities in Albania, we hope to change the odds toward birdwatchers vs. hunters in Albania.
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New bird species in Albania
The bird was observed in the Key Biodiversity Area of Narta Lagoon during the autumn migration count in 2014. The Red-necked phalarope is a wader (belongs to the family Scolopacidae from order Charadriiformes) that breeds in wet marshes, pools and osier delta lands on mountainsides above tree limit or on tundra in Arctic zone. It migrates in August-September (mainly non-stop) towards SE across Europe to winter in Arabian Sea, where it leads pelagic life far from land.The Red-necked phalarope is rarely observed during the autumn passage in Europe, including the Balkans, found mainly at coasts, inland marshes and pools.
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A day in Karavasta lagoon
The team of ornithologist represented by Taulant Bino and Bekim Trezhnjeva and accompanied by Ardian Koci from the forestry department, has visited Karavasta lagoon to perform winter monitoring of the pelican colony.  
Pelicans reproduce in Karavasta Lagoon since 1905. The curly pelican is a symbol of Divjaka, and it is the main place of wintering and the only place for nesting. The Dalmatian Pelican in Albania reproduces only in the National Park of Divjak-Karavasta.
This activity was performed in the frame of the program "Wetland Management and Dalmatian Pelican Conservation in the Mediterranean Basin”, which in Albania is implemented by PPNEA and is financially supported by MAVA foundation.
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