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International Balkan Lynx Symposium

80 nature conservation representatives and stakeholders gathered at Dajti National Park in Albania for the International Balkan Lynx Symposium, celebrating 10 years of efforts for the preservation of Balkan lynx. The symposium had coverage in the WakeUp morning show at the national Top-Channel TV.

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The last voulture in Albania
The TV reportage "Shqipëria Tjetër” (Eng: "Other side of Albania”), broadcasted this Monday in the National TV "Top Channel” had in focus the state of vultures population in Albania, in the past being a family of four species whereas now: only one of the species is still nesting in Albania – the Egyptian vulture, and the three others are considered extinct. In the focus of this reportage are vultures, but in the background might be clearly seen the deteriorated state of natural environment in Albania, one of the most important assets where can be based the sustainable social and economic development of the country. Once upon a time, vultures were bringing the spring in Albania, whereas now the spring comes and goes without vultures, in the major part of the territory. All those which save still fresh memories of that time, have felt nostalgic when seeing this reportage, whereas the ...
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