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New bird species in Albania
The bird was observed in the Key Biodiversity Area of Narta Lagoon during the autumn migration count in 2014. The Red-necked phalarope is a wader (belongs to the family Scolopacidae from order Charadriiformes) that breeds in wet marshes, pools and osier delta lands on mountainsides above tree limit or on tundra in Arctic zone. It migrates in August-September (mainly non-stop) towards SE across Europe to winter in Arabian Sea, where it leads pelagic life far from land.The Red-necked phalarope is rarely observed during the autumn passage in Europe, including the Balkans, found mainly at coasts, inland marshes and pools.
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Captive bears awareness PPNEA TV Spot
Keeping the most majestic animal of our forests in tiny cages and in horrible conditions, is a reality that happens against legal and moral norms. All bears that we see in captivity originate from the wild, being taken as cubs after their mother had been shot by illegal hunters. It is time to say stop to this phenomenon! PPNEA has started an awareness campaign for the long term conservation of this threatened species. All of us can do our part by informing friends on this illegal and unacceptable practice. Join us!
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