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BirdWatching continues to be promoted by National TV channels in Albania
Thanks to the CEPF founded project "Land of Eagles and Castles" and the great collaboration with Travel-magazine Albania, Bird Watching is continuing to be promoted by national media in Albania. This time, National TV Klan has dedicated space to the promotion of Bird Watching in Albania. 
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Public request to extend the hunting ban period
PPNEA believes that the implementation of the hunting ban is a necessary measure for the regeneration of wild fauna. A two year moratorium on hunting was approved by the government of Albania in January 2014. PPNEA in the frame of the "Wetland Management and Dalmatian pelican Conservation in the Mediterranean Basin" program has conducted a monitoring of the pelican colony and hunting ban implementation in Divjaka - Karavasta National Park. This monitoring revealed positive results for the Dalmatian pelican population and in general the total number of bird species has increased. However the hunting data shows that during January to March illegal  hunters have not disappeared form the area. These data have been shared with the broader public during the press conference organized by PPNEA on 25th of March. Based on the results a public request has been made to extend the hunting ban for at least one more year.
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Balkan lynx and the box trap
Could have been the first case…two lynx captured in one box-trap! Instead, they went out the same way they went in, and not crossing the middle where the triggering thread is placed. However unfortunate this miss-capture might seems, the fact that there are two individuals, and perhaps mother with a last-year-cub, is of a great importance for the Balkan Lynx Recovery Programme. Enjoy the video.
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Nature lovers and the Balkan Lynx
The national TV "Top Channel” in the afternoon show is promoting the neglected areas of Albania as eco-touristic treasurers of our country. In the panel are invited the nature friends Gilman Bakalli professor, Irini Qirjako singer, Flora Baba touristic journalist, and Catherine Bohne of Journey to Valbona a long standing partner of PPNEA. Flora and Catherine, talk about the Balkan lynx and its habitats in Puka, Mirdita and Shebenik-Jabllanica NP. The enthusiastic Catherine explains our joint program to educate the young children in monitoring wildlife. She mentions "It will be my out-most pleasure that a kid would uncover the first lynx in Valbona valley”.
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Bird watching in Albania a new eco-touristic attraction
This year bird watching is getting promoted by PPNEA as a new touristic and sportive activity on which Albania offers excellent opportunities. The crew of the national TV "Top Channel” has followed our expert Mirjan Topi and Ardian Koci from Divjaka - Karavasta National Park, to give a glimpse of our wonderful avifauna. Continuing to promote such activities in Albania, we hope to change the odds toward birdwatchers vs. hunters in Albania.
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