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Ten years of Balkan Lynx Recovery Programme
10 years of work for the preservation of Balkan lynx embedded in one documentary! The Balkan Lynx Recovery Programme has established as one of the most successful models for international cooperation and nature conservation in the region.  The release of the documentary coincided  with the publishing of the Balkan lynx to the IUCN Red List as a Critically Endangered subspecies of the Eurasian lynx. Enjoy watching!
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International Balkan Lynx Symposium

80 nature conservation representatives and stakeholders gathered at Dajti National Park in Albania for the International Balkan Lynx Symposium, celebrating 10 years of efforts for the preservation of Balkan lynx. The symposium had coverage in the WakeUp morning show at the national Top-Channel TV.

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Balkan lynx and the box trap
Could have been the first case…two lynx captured in one box-trap! Instead, they went out the same way they went in, and not crossing the middle where the triggering thread is placed. However unfortunate this miss-capture might seems, the fact that there are two individuals, and perhaps mother with a last-year-cub, is of a great importance for the Balkan Lynx Recovery Programme. Enjoy the video.
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Nature lovers and the Balkan Lynx
The national TV "Top Channel” in the afternoon show is promoting the neglected areas of Albania as eco-touristic treasurers of our country. In the panel are invited the nature friends Gilman Bakalli professor, Irini Qirjako singer, Flora Baba touristic journalist, and Catherine Bohne of Journey to Valbona a long standing partner of PPNEA. Flora and Catherine, talk about the Balkan lynx and its habitats in Puka, Mirdita and Shebenik-Jabllanica NP. The enthusiastic Catherine explains our joint program to educate the young children in monitoring wildlife. She mentions "It will be my out-most pleasure that a kid would uncover the first lynx in Valbona valley”.
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