Balkan Green Belt

The European Green Belt inititative has the vision to create the backbone of an ecological network that runs from the Barents to the Black sea, spanning some of the most important habitats for biodiversity and almost all distinct biogeographical regions in Europe. By following a course that was in large sections part of the former east-western border - one of the most divisive barriers in history - it symbolizes the global effort for joint, cross border activities in nature conservation and sustainable development. Moreover, the initiative shall serve to better harmonise human activities with the natural environment, and to increase opportunities for the socio-economic development of local communities.

PPNEA is a partner NGO of this initiative and is mainly involved with the area of what is called "the Balkan Green Belt". Together with EuroNatur Germany, SPP Greece and MES Macedonia, PPNEA is working toward the protection and preservation of several Balkan Green Belt areas like:

Prespa Park, the triangle between Albania, Greece and Macedonia in the far south of the Balkan Green Belt.  Because of the persistent efforts of the NGOs the prespa area is now secured as a trans-boundary Prespa Park and as an important element in the mosaic of the Balkan Green Belt.

The Shebenik-Jabllanica area in the borderlands between Albania and Macedonia are home to a striking diversity of species. The mountain region shelters one of the last remaining continuous beechwood areas in Albania and, alongside wolves and bears, the Balkan Lynx also lives here. Thise are enough reasons to form a trans-boundary nature reserve to cover and give long-term protection to the Shebenik-Jablanica mountain region.

The Albanian Alps Region, an area shared between Albania, Montenegro and Kosovo where eagles, wolves and ancient beechwood forests can still be found. The foundation for the designation of the Albanian Alps as a National Park has already been laid. Jointly PPNEA and EuroNatur has collected extensive data material  on flora and fauna of the area for the creation of a National Park with an area of around 1000 square kilometres to be designated in the near future.


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