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Trilateral cross-border cooperation in Prespa started in 2000 with the Declaration of the Prespa Park and carried on 2001-2009 his work with PPCC (Coordination Committee of Prespa Park). Later in 2010 was signed the 'Agreement for the Prespa Park' which envisages the creation of a new structure for cross-border cooperation, MCPP (Management Committee Prespa Park).

During this period, different actors of the signatories of the Agreement have been working together on cross-border level in the field of environmental protection as National Parks, local government units, NGOs, researchers in the field of preservation, and the study of nature, etc. PPNEA, has been an active part of the PPCC Secretariat actively working with SPP (Greece) and other organizations active in the Macedonian part of Prespa.
After lengthy bureaucracy, agreement is ratified by all signatories except the Greek government. It is understood that without full ratification of the Agreement, cross-border institutions wich will monitor and coordinate the operations of preserving the park are not able to initiate coordinated activities in the watershed of lakes. Waters, forests and animals can live beyond the borders, but still Prespa as a whole remains in a paradoxical situation where management efforts have remained on paper.

In such a situation, environmental NGOs active in the region have decided to take the initiative with concrete activities. With the initiative of SPP (Society for the Protection of Prespa) and in cooperation with PPNEA and MES (Macedonian Ecological Society) are working together on a permanent network of environmental NGOs for the Prespa Park. The main aim is to work in the spirit of international agreement facilitating the exchange of information between neighboring countries, lobbying for better management of the environment; assisting countries in technical measures and monitoring and study of the rich diversity of species and habitats that are present Prespa Park.

The network aims to coordinate and work together with national parks and residents throughout the basin they will try to contribute to environmental protection in Prespa by insuring a harmonious development with nature.

In the frame of the newly formed network, these 3 organizations have taken a step forward and committed themselves towards safeguarding the unique natural and cultural heritage of the Prespa region, and at the same time promoting sustainable socio-economic development. Prespa Net will launch its first common activities, breaking thus the geographical borders and respecting the unity of Nature.


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