This initiative contributes to the promotion of best practices on sustainable use of natural resources in Shebenik-Jabllanica trans-boundary mountain range through education and awareness which are crucial to improve the long term cross-border protection of the Jablanica and Shebenik mountain range ecosystem.

The specific objective is to increase local public awareness on sustainable use of the natural resources and to support the usage of eco-friendly methods by local community and prepare them to jointly manage the trans-boundary environment.

The project identifies communities, farmers and hunters already using, or who are willing to use, best practices on sustainable natural resources use. The partners of the project work with the stakeholders on both sides of the border to find good management alternatives and share the know-how and technical support so that the local society can implement the sustainable management activities needed in Jablanica – Shebenik transboundary mountain range.

By involving locals in training and workshop events, awareness is raised for the high natural values of the mountain ranges as well as for the need to protect those. This in return contributes to the acceptance of potential use of eco-friendly practises. Additionally, the trainings and workshops consisting of a theoretical as well as of a practical part, contribute to an overall capacity building of the local population.

Generally, the project aims on ensuring protection on ecosystem level, not only on national level and to create a close cooperation in this field between stakeholders both from Albania and Macedonia. The same applies for the development of cross-border strategies for sustainable economic development, taking into account not only the national requirements, but the cross-border needs.

This initiative i linked to cross-border IPA project "Enhancing trans-boundary cooperation in Shebenik-Jabllanica region through active local involvement” financially supported by the European Union and implemented by PPNEA, MES and EuroNature.
This project is funded by European Union

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