Tackling poisoning

Vulture populations are threatened by a large number of human practices, such as poisoning, electroshock, collision with energy structures and the degradation of their habitats. These species are declining fast in numbers, that`s why urgent conservation measures are needed to secure their survival. Poisoning represents the deadliest practice vultures face whole around the world, especially in the Balkans. This practice has caused the steep decline of their populations around the world and furthermore, is responsible for the extinction of three vulture species in Albania. From 4 breeding species that used to exist in Albania, nowadays there is only one left, the magnificent Egyptian vulture (Neophron percnopterus).

PPNEA, for several years, is fighting against the usage of poisoning and has carried on concrete actions to tackle this phenomenon in Albania. Our team has built two supplementary feeding stations in order to secure safe food for the Egyptian vulture near its breeding grounds in the wonderful mountainous areas of our country. These stations are built up in the mountains and are regularly supplied with fresh carcasses. The data show that these platforms have managed to feed around 30% of the Egyptian vulture population in Albania, a number which makes us proud.

A great part for the success of these stations is attributed to the wonderful locals who help us maintaining them and securing the carcasses for the Egyptian vulture. Their love for the magnificent species has grown strong, they are the first to inform us about the Egyptian vulture coming in Spring and the first to notice its absence in the beginning of Autumn. We admire their dedication for our cause, that`s why we have formalized the network “Savers of Egyptian Vulture”. This network in composed of vets, farmers, teachers, shepherds, etc. They have only one thing in common, the love for the Egyptian vulture. PPNEA has distributed two freezers and several anti-poison kits for the members of this network, and furthermore we have provided to them necessary branded equipment with the silhouette of the Egyptian vulture.

PPNEA has carried on several raising awareness activities as well as educational programmes near the breeding grounds of the Egyptian vulture. Our team has closely worked with shepherds in hope to spread the message that poisoning shouldn’t be practiced and educate them about the threat it poses to such critically endangered species.

Furthermore, our team is simultaneously implementing three projects related to poisoning. If you need more information, click the links below.


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