Help our nature by finding a volunteer role within PPNEA
As a Volunteer of PPNEA, your time, talent and skills help conserve the diversity of life on our country! Your involvement with us can help with expanding existing projects and with the development of new initiatives. The support of our Volunteers is vital to our success.
Volunteering bring lots of enthusiasm, skills and interests. At the same time, you learn and discover new skills too. There are practical tasks like wildlife surveys and various conservation tasks, volunteering can also mean leading walks or hikes for the public and helping visitors enjoy themselves in the great Albanian outdoors. This is a great way to gain a different experience of our nature and to contribute to something you care about. If you have some time, no matter how small, and the commitment to help us, consider yourself part of the team. There are two volunteer teams you can relate:
In-House: PPNEA benefits from the donation of time, talent and dedication, from a group of highly motivated individuals who consistently volunteer in the office during regular office hours (08h to 17h). Our Volunteers help with our day-to-day administrative and clerical tasks.  
In-field: this team of volunteers is called upon to assist us in field activities, road shows and awareness campaigns, environmental watchdogging, wildlife monitoring network, etc. The completion and viability of quite a number of our projects would be in jeopardy, without volunteer determination and selfless assistance.
Helen Dyer
Volunteerism is the voice of the people put into action. These actions shape and mold the present into a future of which we can all be proud
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Your financial contribution can be of massive help for us to work on safeguarding the future of the natural environment in Albania.
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