Adriatic Flyway IV

Mitigate electrocution and collision and recovery White stork population in Albania


Along the last 20 years the electricity transmitting network of Albania has been immensely increased, including the construction of numerous new transmitting powerlines and energy producing facilities. Prior to the construction of these power lines, unfortunately, it has not been carried out an evaluation on the possible impacts that this infrastructure could have on the migrating birds.

Combating Illegal Killing and Illegal Taking of Birds in Albania


Illegal killing of Birds (IKB) it is still an issue even though it is being implemented a hunting moratorium. The BirdLife International report (2015) on IKB in the Mediterranean estimates that 206,000-325,000 individual birds may be illegally killed or taken each year in Albania. ‘Illegal shooting’ was the main type of illegality. 

Actions towards reduction of wild birds poisoning in Albania


This project firstly aims to implement important activities for evaluating the level and the impact of poisoning in the population of birds of prey in certain hotspots (for birds of prey in the country) and carry out awareness raising and capacity building actions towards the achievement of sustainable hunting aim, in the post-hunting ban period.