Two Erasmus+ students at out local office in Prespa National Park

We are happy to introduce to you Jacky and Veith, two students from Germany who will stay for six months at our local office in the Prespa National Park, as part of an Erasmus+ programme.
Their arrival marks the third cooperation that we have had with the University of Eberswalde in Germany, which is specialized in Sustainable Development programmes.
We wish all the best to Jacky and Veith, who will be part of all the conservation actions we are going to conduct in these upcoming six months in the Prespa National Park.
Read their statement below.
“Hi, we are Jacky and Veith from the University for sustainable development in Eberswalde, Germany. We are both now in the 5th semester of our Bachelors study programme “International Forest Ecosystem Management”. We are happy to be in this beautiful country and to have the opportunity to participate in a huge variety of nature conservation projects. We expect to learn a lot about the biodiversity and the ecosystem management, especially the game management in this area. Thanks a lot for having us!”
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