Illegal killing of Birds (IKB) it is still an issue even though it is being implemented a hunting moratorium. The BirdLife International report (2015) on IKB in the Mediterranean estimates that 206,000-325,000 individual birds may be illegally killed or taken each year in Albania. ‘Illegal shooting’ was the main type of illegality. The most problematic areas list both wetlands, some of them IBAs of Shkodra and Lalzi and also terrestrial areas including the regions of Shkodra, Tirana and Korca as the most problematic ones.

The reasons for the existence of IKB activities are numerous but mainly linked with lack of appropriate enforcement of legislation on hunting, fauna, biodiversity and protected areas. This is also related with lack of a comprehensive hunting legislation, lack of capacities and the need for further awareness and education ensuring both fauna protection and responsible hunting.

Through the implementation of this project, PPNEA aims to: (i) Reduce IKB in the project areas; (ii) Revise the extent and characteristics of IKB in Albania and evaluate its impact on decreasing bird populations; (iii) Improve the hunting legislation in Albania, towards a more responsible and sustainable hunting; (iv) Raise awareness and education on the impacts of IKB.

Time frame: 2018 – 2022

Funding: MAVA Foundation through EuroNatur

Country: Albania

Partners: EuroNatur, AOS

Contact persons: Zydjon Vorpsi | PPNEA 


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