Episodi 1- Iniciativat mbi mishngrënësit e mëdhenj (Large carnivores)

The main theme of this first episode was PPNEA’s initiatives on ‘Large carnivores‘. Bledi Hoxha, a large carnivore expert at PPNEA, gave a full panorama of PPNEA’s initiatives toward the conservation of large carnivores present in Albania, their presence and population in Albania, highlighted their threats, and actions to be taken towards their conservation. Brown bear, wolf, Balkan lynx, and golden jackal will be further presented individually in detail, as in future episodes.

PPNEA’s initiatives on monitoring large carnivores:

  • Balkan Lynx Recovery Programme
  • Tripoint Brown Bear
  • Protecting Vjosa’s Delta from unsustainable urban development
  • Strengthening NGO-led Conservation in the Transboundary Prespa Basin
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