Paving the Way towards the Implementation of CCAs in Albania through Enhancement of Governance and Management of PAs

Project title: ‘’Paving the Way towards the Implementation of CCAs in Albania through Enhancement of Governance and Management of PAs’’

Project Goal: This project aims to pave the way to the future implementation of the CCA management in Albania, through a series of actions targeting the capacity building of different stakeholders in the selected Cukal-Munelle-Balgjaj-Martanesh CCA.


Project Objective: To start creating the conditions for the implementation of Connectivity Conservation Areas and ecological corridors concepts in Albania, through different capacity- building and partnership actions of diverse stakeholders.


Project Objectives: This project has five specific objectives to be accomplished through several actions:

  1. Create a shared understanding for CCA concept with Cukal- Munelle- Balgjaj – Martanesh as a pilot area
  2. Capacity building and awareness raising of the PAs & other local/national institutions for implementing CCA management
  3. Develop a governance model for a CCA pilot area
  4. Implement research, monitoring and habitat restoration activities for key species in the AANP and KKNP
  5. The project activities and expected results are fully delivered in time and with efficiency by all Project partners


Project Expected Results:

Result 1: The local communities in the selected corridor are actively involved in the management of the CCA

Result 2: Community sustainable practices of nature resources management are identified and supported with sub granting scheme

Result 3: Knowledge and experience exchanged among relevant institutions and cooperation enhanced for the CCA implementation

Result 4: Enhanced university curricula through student’s engagement in real world research with PAs

Result 5: Strengthen the participation of the local CSOs in the PA management for selected focus regions

Result 6: A joint vision for CCA management is created by all stakeholders and Action Plan developed

Result 7: The functionality of bio corridors is assessed within AANP & KKNP & knowledge enhanced of key species

Result 8: Threat reduction for species in focus by improving habitats quality

Result 9: PPNEA has increased capacities in the management of subgrantees within the new concepts

Result 10: Strengthened partnerships with local and national partner CSOs



Project Implementation Partners:

NGO ‘’Instituti per Ndryshim dhe Lidership ne Shqiperi’’, Tirane NGO ‘’Ekspertet e Rinj Mjedisor’’, Diber

NGO ‘’Ekologet per Rajonin’’, Kukes