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Balkan lynx in albania

PPNEA in field

environmental education with childrens

The environmental problems in Albania have acquired greater dimensions than ever before.

To address this situation, PPNEA has developed diferent initiatives to halt the loss of biodiversity.

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The connection between environment and our society is recognized as a vital aspect to protect the ecosystems.

We are working with communities to support actions that foster sustainable development and nature conservation.

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As a Volunteer of PPNEA, your time, talent and skills help conserve the diversity of life in our country!

Your involvement with us can help with expanding existing projects and with the development of new initiatives.

The support of our Volunteers is vital to our success.

PPNEA is working toward to bring harmony
between nature and human society in Albania

Keeping the most majestic animal of our forests in tiny cages and in horrible conditions, is a reality that happens against legal and moral norms. All bears that we see in captivity originate from the wild, being taken as cubs after their mother is shot by illegal hunters.

It is time to say stop to this phenomenon! PPNEA has started an awareness campaign for the long term conservation of this threatened species.

All of us can do our part by informing friends on this illegal and unacceptable practice. Join us!    

Soaring Bird Migration Along the Adriatic Coast

A total of 371 migrating birds of prey belonging to 15 species were observed and 7666 wetland birds belonging to 58 species were recorded at studied sites.