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Bears Belong to Nature

Bear Belong to Nature, is a documentary produced by PPNEA with the suport of Alertis and Euronature.          

Keeping the most majestic animal of our forests in tiny cages and in horrible conditions, is a reality that happens against legal and moral norms. All bears that we see in captivity originate from the wild, being taken as cubs after their mother had been shot by illegal hunters. It is time to say stop to this phenomenon! PPNEA has started an awareness campaign for the long term conservation of this threatened species.
All of us can do our part by informing friends on this illegal and unacceptable practice. Join us!

Bats of Albania  

Albania is really a small country, but its nature have a big heart! Until now, about 32 species of bats have been identified in Albania, out of 45 species present in Europe. In order to further develop the knowledge on Albanian Bats, PPNEA has organized a workshop on bat monitoring techniques. This has been quite a unique workshop because for the first time it brought together local and international bat researchers together with speleologists and students who are interested in bat research in the country. The workshop was followed by practical on field training in the Albanian alps caves.

We have interviewed few participants, listen what they sees as priorities in bat research in Albania. Click on the player icon below to listen to the intervies. 


Philippe Theou


Marina Durovic


Stanimira Deleva


Aneliya Pavlova

Phelippe Theou PPNEA
Marina Durovic PPNEA
Stanimira Deleva PPNEA
Aneliya Pavlova PPNEA

Philippe Theou is doing his PhD on bats ecology and is the PPNEA bat conservation initiative coordinator.
Marina Durovic is a biologist with a vast expertise on bat research and works for National Parks of Montenegro Agency.
Stanimira Deleva is a field researcher experienced in bat monitoring and works for the Green Balkans NGO.
Aneliya Pavlova is a yang researcher at the Green Balkans NGO and she has a special interest on bat conservation.

The predators return

The recovery of large carnivores in Europe is a great success for nature conservation. At one third of mainland Europe, at least one species of large carnivore is present, according to an article in the scientific magazine Science that researchers from 26 countries have contributed to.

This is the first ever Science paper with authors from Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina and  Macedonia. There have been 76 researchers contributing to the article, among them three from PPNEA. They have been hardly working for 10 years monitoring and collecting data on large carnivores in Albania.


Soaring Bird Migration Along the Adriatic Coast

A total of 371 migrating birds of prey belonging to 15 species were observed and 7666 wetland birds belonging to 58 species were recorded at studied sites.


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    PPNEA believes that the implementation of the hunting ban is a necessary measure for the regeneration of wild fauna. A two year moratorium on hunting ...
  • Fri, 10 Apr 2015 12:43:00
    Could have been the first case…two lynx captured in one box-trap! Instead, they went out the same way they went in, and not crossing the ...
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    The national TV "Top Channel” in the afternoon show is promoting the neglected areas of Albania as eco-touristic treasurers of our country. In the panel ...
  • 25.03.15 10:00, 10:00 - 25.03.15 11:00, 11:00

    : Tirana International Hotel,

    Representative of PPNEA, Ministry of Environment, Representative of National and International Associations, Representative of Divjaka ...

  • 16.04.15 12:00, 12:00 - 16.04.15 16:00, 16:00

    : Hotel Inex Drim,
    Macedonian Ecological Society (MES) and the Organization for Protection and Preservation of the Natural Environment ...
  • 16.05.15 09:00, 9:00 - 23.05.15 09:00, 9:00

    : Rruga Abdi Toptani, Tiranë, Albania,
    Cinema has an important role in educating, raising awareness and informing, at the ...



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