Nature conservation along the Balkan Green Belt: Analysing threats, developing solutions and building capacities in the Sharr/Šar Planina/Korab-Koritnik region

The vision of the project is to prepare the basis for a sound and long term conservation of the outstanding mountainous landscape of Sharr/Šar Planina/Korab-Koritnik in line with a sustainable development of the region whereby the local population acts as main driver in both regards.

Within the present project proposal EuroNatur in cooperation with MES, PPNEA and FINCH as national partners aims to work on specifying measures for nature protection and support of a sustainable regional development in the area. The aim is to identify and develop suitable measures for ecological biotope management as well as other approaches facing the specific threats of biodiversity in the area by optimising agricultural and forestry production processes for them to support the protection of species and biotopes. Key step is to bring this knowledge to suitable local actors to enable them to implement the identified measures.

Main aim after completion of the project is to have a list of possible small to medium scale projects targeting nature conservation, biotope management and sustainable regional development as well as to have local actors with the respective potential and capacity at hand. The overall goal of the project is to contribute to the reduction of threats to biodiversity loss in the Sharr/Šar Planina/Korab-Koritnik region by identifying suitable countermeasures as well as potential local actors.

Time frame:01.2019 – 12.2019

Funding: DBU- The Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (German Federal Environmental Foundation) through EuroNatur

Country: Albania, North Macedonia, Kosovo

Partners: EuroNatur, FINCH, MES and PPNEA

Contact persons: Olsion Lama | PPNEA