Trajnim mjedisor nderkufitar

Trajnim mjedisor nderkufitar

Transboundary Environmental Training for Educators

For two days, PPNEA together with PrespaNet partners @macedonian.ecological.society and @spp_prespa organized an experiential training and brought together 21 educators from Albania and North Macedonia, in the touristic village of Dardha in the region of Korça.

Educators are teachers, coordinators, mentors, and community leaders. These are in fact all individuals who actively contribute to the protection of our environment and its promotion, teach others about the importance of environmental protection and play a significant role in developing environmental awareness among children and young people.

The training included a diversity of outdoor activities, organized in nature and about nature, to improve their knowledge and skills, empowering them to independently implement activities in the field of environmental education, preservation, and protection.


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