Cifti i Lejlekeve ne Gjirokaster

Cifti i Lejlekeve ne Gjirokaster

White Stork pair has returned to Gjirokastra

The White Stork pair has been welcomed to their nesting platform in Gjirokastra. Despite facing various threats during their #flightforsurvival from Africa, including the risk of electrocution and poaching, the pair has safely arrived and is now busy constructing and reinforcing their nest. Once completed, the nest will serve as a warm and nurturing environment for the White Stork family’s new members, who will be fed until they learn to fly for the first time.

The construction of the nesting platform was carried out by PPNEA, RAPA Gjirokastër, and OST, with the aim of providing additional nesting spaces to increase the chances of reproduction for this critically endangered species in Albania.

Currently, there are fewer than 10 pairs of this species in Albania, making their conservation all the more important.

To further aid in the monitoring and conservation efforts of the White Stork family, PPNEA will be streaming live footage 24/7. Stay tuned!

📸Raimond Kola



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