Empowering Livestock Keepers: Agro-Eko Dibra’s Successful Project in Korab-Koritnik Area

Empowering Livestock Keepers: Agro-Eko Dibra’s Successful Project in Korab-Koritnik Area

Under the inspiring leadership of Maksim Hajrullaj, Agro-Eko Dibra has initiated an ambitious project to support livestock keepers in the Dibër region and protect traditional methods of farming. With financial support and new models of farming offered by EuroNatur, the project selected three dedicated farmers in Maqellare, Melan and Kala Dodes administrative units, and equipped them with tools to maintain their herds and traditional lifestyle.

The biggest success of this project is it promotes sustainable use of animal husbandry as the main financial source of income by supporting local farmers with the necessary tools, so that this traditional way of life is not lost, but is passed from generation to generation. The farmers have received and been trained to use photolvaic elements to improve their conditions in lighting and hot water. They also created mini-camping—a new innovation for this region—and incorporated agrotourism in their summer pasture activities. The farmers spend almost six months of the year in the summer pastures, and their improved conditions represent a support that surpassed expectations.

The improved conditions for farmers through the support of EuroNatur, and with additional support from the Ministry of Agriculture, has improved the conditions for farmers in the Korab-Koritnik area by promoting the development of livestock, preventing abandonment of pastures, and helping experienced livestock farmers to stay in the area instead of migrating. A network of farms in the Korab-Koritnik area is currently being developed, where farmers are cooperating to improve their living conditions and ready themselves to serve tourists who seek agrotourism experiences.

The success of this inspiring project has spread to other farmers in the Korab-Koritnik Protected Area, who are now looking to follow in the model farmers’ footsteps to advocate for their rights and protect their environment. Overall farmers in the region are now more engaged in the community and more willing to share their knowledge and experience with others.

PPNEA is proud to highlight the wonderful work of Agro-Eko Dibra!

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