Happy International Vulture Awareness Day

Happy International Vulture Awareness Day
The first Saturday of every September highlights the value and importance of vultures on the International Vulture Awareness Day, which is celebrated every year in different forms.
The successful marathon of Dropulli, held in Derviçian, Gjirokastra, is an a demonstration of the appreciation that local residents have for the last breeding vulture in Albania, the Egyptian Vulture.
Many citizens, young people and even children, took part in the 1 km, 6 km and 12 km running races, running for the Egyptian vulture.
This marathon has been taking place for years, to which PPNEA’s staff also joins, and serves as a promoter for this area’s values by also raising awareness on the Egyptian Vulture and the ecosystem services this nature cleaner offers.
A big thank you goes to the organizers of this event and especially to our collaborators Andreas Barutas and Tassos Barutas😊
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