New Scientific Paper: Status and Threats for the Egyptian Vulture in Albania

New Scientific Paper: Status and Threats for the Egyptian Vulture in Albania

Exciting yet concerning news about Egyptian vulture in Albania! Over the last 15 years, a comprehensive study has revealed crucial insights into their population trends, breeding parameters, and threats. Here’s a snapshot:

·        Albania marks the westernmost edge of the Egyptian vulture range in the Balkans. As one of the least numerous population clusters, it is also more susceptible to extinction than the other Balkan countries.

·        The number of Egyptian vulture territories in Albania has declined by 33% from 12 to 8 between 2007 and 2022, reflecting a broader trend across Europe and the Balkans.

·        The main drivers of this decline are most likely the illegal use of poison baits in the wild and the risk of electrocution and collision, causing adult and juvenile mortality

·        The brown bear (Ursus arctos), grey wolf (Canis lupus), and red fox (Vulpes vulpes) were identified

as the main predators responsible for livestock damages with the grey wolf being the most frequently reported.

Albania plays a pivotal role in the broader strategy for Egyptian vulture conservation in the Balkans. By mitigating the main threats, strengthening the collaboration with institutions, and adopting a National Action Plan for the species, we can contribute to the success of the regional population reinforcement program.

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