In a transboundary basin like Prespa is important to have coordination and mutual cooperation since there will be no results if only one side does more than the other and we do not protect the basin as a whole.

PrespaNet is a network of NGOs that are working together in the Prespa basin. PPNEA together with the Macedonian Ecological Society (MES) from North Macedonia, the Society for Protection of Prespa (SPP) from Greece marked through an agreement in 2013, their early cooperation and their work on the three sides of the basin for many years, and established the network “PrespaNet”. The Network developed a Transboundary Strategic Plan aiming to protect and preserve the nature and the natural values of Prespa.

The mission of PrespaNet is to synergize and coordinate the activities and strengthen the transboundary cooperation, by making an effort to overcome the gap created from the lack of the institutional cooperation. By the synergized work and being locally present will be enabled a better flow of information and also work on influencing the environmental policies in the Prespa Basin.

All the conservation work that the network undertakes is based on good science, on ground experience and working and living in the area.



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