Prespa Field Laboratory

Prespa Field Laboratory

PrespaNet has been organizing annual transboundary summer schools and other in-field activities, such as the “Wild Side of Prespa” Programme, since 2018. These events bring together university students from the three countries, recent graduates, staff of protected areas, local high-school students and prosperous citizen scientists.

Last year, more than 50 “Wild Side” enthusiasts received hands-on field experiences in North Macedonia and 15 environmental students came together to explore the topic of ‘’Monitoring and management for conservation in Prespa”. It was organized in Prespa National Park and saë participants engage in environmental film screenings, bird studies, wetland habitat management and the value of transboundary cooperation, with study visits to Maligrad Island and to Ezerani Nature Park.

Get an idea of the content of previous summer schools in our profile link and look out for announcements for the next one in North Macedonia.

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