The Balkan Lynx near the status of Extinct Species

The Balkan Lynx near the status of Extinct Species

Balkan Lynx, a step closer to ‘’extinction’’ in the Republic of Albania

The intensive monitoring of the Balkan lynx is ongoing at the start of the spring season. PPNEA team together with RAPA Lezhë, Shkodër, and Kukës placed camera traps in Munella Nature Park.

The low temperatures and the difficulties in accessing this mountainous region did not stop us from hoping to identify as many individuals as possible of this emblematic species.

From the first camera checking, several photos of this ‘’critically endangered species’’ were captured, but unfortunately, the initial assessment shows fewer present individuals than in the previous seasons.

The recovery of this species requires immediate direct conservation measures, stopping deforestation and illegal logging, while organizing more reforestation actions in the country, and also stopping illegal hunting and poaching through more patrolling and law enforcement.

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