Thank you from #AlbaniaisBiodiversity

Thank you from #AlbaniaisBiodiversity

At first, we were concerned about the turnout of the campaign, but reflecting on it now, I can’t believe we doubted it,” – says a volunteer involved in #AlbaniaisBiodiversity.

The campaign served as testimony to the increasing awareness among the Albanian people, particularly the younger generation, regarding the significance of preserving our natural environment. It has brought together us with partners from various sectors, including non-governmental organisations, informal groups, artists, local communities, and businesses, driven towards the promotion of Albania’s natural treasures.

Finally, it highlighted the collective will to “go above-and-beyond” in promoting biodiversity and harmonious coexistence between humans and wildlife.

It is this emerging “green” community in Albania, and especially the volunteers who contributed significantly to the campaign that we celebrated last week.

Heinrich Böll Stiftung Tirana and Protection and Preservation of Natural Environment Albania would like to congratulate them for their youthful drive and meaningful engagement in the cause.

#ShqipëriaështëBiodiversitet is a joint initiative of Protection and Preservation of Natural Environment Albania and Heinrich Böll Stiftung Tirana for the education on and conservation of some of the most peculiar and endangered species of Albania, as well as the natural assets of the country.

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