Training on Human Dimension Survey for Conservation of Wildlife

Training on Human Dimension Survey for Conservation of Wildlife

On February 24th, PPNEA and regional collaborators for the conservation of the Balkan lynx, trained young people from Albania, Kosovo, and North Macedonia for the implementation of the questionnaire on the Human Dimension Survey. The purpose of this assessment was to obtain information on the coexistence of humans and large mammals such as the Balkan lynx, brown bear, and wolf.

Conservation of nature requires the involvement of local residents who live in and with nature. It also requires the active commitment of young people living in our country. Information and understanding of the wildlife of the population living near natural areas are essential for determining the actions we undertake for the well-being of wildlife populations.

The volunteers were motivated not only by the training for the implementation of this questionnaire but also by the history of efforts of more than 16 years of the partnership of the Balkan Lynx Recovery Program in the conservation of this critically endangered species.

It is crucial to understand the relationship between humans and wildlife to effectively conserve nature. By obtaining information on the perception of humans towards these large mammals, we can develop and implement better conservation strategies for their well-being.

The EuroNatur Foundation, MES, and ERA Group support this important initiative toward the conservation of wildlife and encourage everyone to get involved in similar efforts for the preservation of our planet’s biodiversity.

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