The Brown Bear

The Brown Bear

Let’s give a warm greeting to this Brown Bear, captured while passing by in the Bize-Martanesh protected area in Albania.

The brown bear (Ursus arctos) enjoys national and international protection, being listed in Annex II of the Bern Convention and in the European Habitats Directive. It belongs to the group of threatened species, classified as Vulnerable in the Red List of Albania, and is protected by law.

The published data were collected during the period Spring – Autumn 2022, in the protected area of Bize-Martanesh, within the framework of research studies for ENETWILD, which aimed to collect data on the wild boar population. From the monitoring session with camera traps, the presence of roe deer, brown bear, etc. was ensured.

For almost a year, PPNEA is also implementing the “Tripoint Brown Bear (TBB)” project, in cooperation with partners: Euronatur, Macedonian Ecological Society & Callisto.

This project aims to ensure the conservation of the brown bear in the cross-border area between Albania, North Macedonia, and Greece.

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