The brown Bear

The brown Bear

The Brown bear (Ursus arctos) is the largest of the carnivore species found in the mountainous forested areas that surround the Prespa Lake watershed. It is a species of particular conservation concern in Europe, listed as a priority species and included in Annex II, IV of the EU Habitats Directive.

Last week, we visited 6 villages from 3 municipalities in the Korça region, to raise awareness of the importance of #BrownBear conservation and ecological corridors.

We shared stories and findings in meetings with the local population and key stakeholders, focusing on information about ecological corridors and presenting results from previous and ongoing studies.

Improving management and habitats within the selected corridors through concrete actions and infrastructure improvements for more bear-friendly passages will contribute to the protection of the brown bear population.

Raising awareness is key to protecting this magnificent animal. Let’s work together to ensure the preservation of our natural heritage.


Prespa Ohrid Nature Trust – PONT



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