CELEBRATE WITH US THE #Europeangreenbeltday2020 IN SHKODRA

CELEBRATE WITH US THE #Europeangreenbeltday2020 IN SHKODRA
This Thursday, on 24th September, in the vicinities of Shkodra we are going to celebrate the European Green Belt Day, a crucial initiative that symbolizes the strong link between human history and the preservation of European natural heritage.
Into Shiroka, a distinguished attraction for its nature and tradition, we will organize a fair with local products, where different interest groups will promote the natural and touristic opportunities of the area. This activity will boost the cooperation of local actors towards sustainable development and tourism.
Furthermore, into “Ulcinj Salina” Nature Park will be organized a birdwatching expedition with the presence of experts and students from the area, a perfect opportunity for youth to learn the best practices of monitoring and identifying different bird species.
This activity is organized by PPNEA, together with MSJA-Dr. Martin Schneider-Jacoby Association and Well Point NGO.
Don’t miss this event, nature is waiting for you!
The fair starts at 12:00. See you there!
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