Environmental education and nature interpretation

Environmental education and nature interpretation
PPNEA in cooperation with WWF Adria-Srbija implemented a 5-day training in Shebenik National Park, with the participation of education specialists from the Regional Administrations of Protected Areas in Albania and the Directorates of National Parks “Sharri” and ”Bjeshkët e Nemuna” in Kosovo.
By bringing these representatives together, through this program we aim to increase their knowledge and empower them in independently implementing activities in the nature education field, on nature conservation and protection, with pupils.
Outdoor education is of fundamental importance for the development of children’s personality, as it helps them to establish connections with nature, from an early age. Educators play multiple roles, also being mentors for children to bring them closer to nature and contribute to creating future active citizens.
Through educational activities from experiential learning in nature, as well as the organization of games, participants experienced different educational activities outdoors, just as students would experience them, in such educational sessions.
Throughout the training, exploring nature and identifying species, using various but simple tools, such as birdwatching in the area, were examples of activities that helped increase knowledge about the ecosystems in general and relationships between the living organisms. Important activities, were also the role-playing games, such as the creation of imaginary national parks, the criteria for declaration, and the roles of a manager of protected areas.
This beautiful experience was concluded with an expedition of the participating group in the Ice Cave, a natural monument, in the magical landscape of the Shebenik National Park. We thank all the participants and collaborators, especially the staff of RAPA Elbasan, for the successful development of this event.
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