Egyptian Vulture turned into street art

Egyptian Vulture turned into street art
Murals are an opportunity to tell a community’s story.
The last remaining vulture in Albania, the Egyptian Vulture nests every year along the south of the Vjosa River’s valley, and Drino River after successfully completing the #flightforsurvival from the lands of Africa.
Given what this species represents to the locals and their commitment to protecting it, an Egyptian Vulture mural was painted in the Tepelena’s town square, in front of a historical castle.
Inaugurated on the eve of the tourist season, residents and tourists seemed to enjoy this new and important symbol, as it attracted their attention.
Feeling lucky enough to live in the presence of this rare threatened species, and occasionally spot it flying in the sky, the locals consider this piece of art as a great promoter of the natural and cultural values of the area, serving as a tourist attraction.
In addition, we also think, the huge Egyptian Vulture mural will make everyone increase their interest to learn more about the fauna and especially bird species encountered in Albania.
We want to express our gratitude to the mural artist Franko Dine for the realization of this masterpiece and the municipality of Tepelena for the cooperation and support given during the painting process.
Get ready to be amazed on your next visit to Tepelena!
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