Establishing the Local Action Group (LAG) for Vjosa-Narta

Establishing the Local Action Group (LAG) for Vjosa-Narta
Having in vision the preservation of natural values, rich biodiversity as well as ensuring the well-being of future generations, PPNEA is working to establish a Local Action Group #LAG of the Protected Landscape “Vjosa – Narta”.
#LAG will include various stakeholders, representatives of the national network of protected areas, local government representatives, public institutions operating at the local level, local businesses, community members of the area, and civil society, providing sustainable alternatives to the coexistence of nature and human beings.
Only after several meetings with various local community actors, the first meeting of all participants together was made possible on 15 April.
After the presentations of PPNEA, and many discussions on the importance of #LAG creation, based on the LIDER approach and the principles of preserving the ecological integrity of this area, the participants signed the agreement for its creation, the next steps, the role and function that this group will have.
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