First dice snake monitoring on the Maligrad Island in Prespa

First dice snake monitoring on the Maligrad Island in Prespa
At the beginning of July, the PrespaNet network hosted a transboundary monitoring event on Maligrad Island in Prespa, Albania thanks to support from PONT, Aage V. Jensen and Euronatur.
PrespaNet members and representatives from Ezerani NP and NP Galichica from North Macedonia could learn about the threats that dice snakes face in Prespa along with their main prey – the endemic Prespa bleak, and the importance of long-term studies in understanding how to efficiently counter such threats.
Attendees could further develop their monitoring skills through amusing interactions with scientists from MES, Belgrade University and the French Centre for Scientific Research that have already spent 15 year studying dice snakes and other reptiles on Golem Grad Island in North Macedonia. We hope that transboundary collaboration will help build and strengthen communication means between the protected areas responsible for managing this complex and exquisitely rich in biodiversity transboundary region.
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